What is the Difference Between the Tempur-Pedic Adapt Models?

Top 2 Takeaways:

A soft Tempur-Pedic has never been more affordable.

Adapt Medium models include two layers of memory foam, one of which is Gel Memory Foam.

Tempur-Pedic has done a great job with their new lineup and they have taken a lot of the confusion out of the buying process.  This is the first in a series that will break down each level of the product line.  The Adapt is a great place to start for a couple of reasons.  The first is that it is the lowest price level, and the second is there are only two models in the Adapt series.

The first thing people notice when they lie down on an Adapt is that it has a very neutral medium feel. This is great news for shoppers on a budget. In the past the starting Tempur-Pedic was hard as a brick.  That unfortunately turned a lot of people off to the brand.  Back in the day to get a mattress from Tempur-Pedic that was this soft you would have to spend at least $3000.  These extremely comfortable options are priced well below that.  The old entry level was a pretty stripped-down version of a Tempur.  These new Adapts have not one, but two layers of memory foam.  You get a layer of classic foam and a top layer of the Gel Foam that is considered to be the most advanced on the market.

Both models in the Adapt level are medium in feel.  One model is a traditional all-foam design while the other is a Hybrid with individually wrapped coils.  That means you get two options in the entry level as opposed to one.  The all-foam Adapt Medium has the feel of a traditional Tempur-Pedic.  The Adapt Medium Hybrid falls somewhere in between an all-foam and a coil mattress.  The individually wrapped coils work extremely well with the memory foams so you will not loose any of the therapeutic benefits of the Tempur-Pedic.  It is a great option for people who are afraid of the idea of an all-foam mattress.

Both of these models along with the rest of the 2019-2020 Tempur-Pedic lineup are on the showroom floor at all five of Mattress Gallery Direct locations.  We have two in Murfreesboro, two in Franklin and our newest store in Smyrna.  Come by and let our non-commission based associates who are all trained by our in-house Sleep Science Coach help you find the right Tempur-Pedic model for you.


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