Mattress Store Near Me or Online Bed in a Box?

One of the questions we hear the most from our customers is where is the best place to buy a mattress: in store or online?  It can be confusing with all the advertisements we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  It seems like a new fix-all magic mattress company pops up weekly.  At Mattress Gallery Direct we believe nothing can replace the hands-on experience of in-store shopping.  We may be biased but we have good information to back up what we already believed. 

We first want to say that we do not believe that the actual product of the bed in a box is all bad.  Like any product there are good and bad examples from in-store and online.  We feel that the thing you miss out on online is the benefit of trying out different models side by side.  If your current mattress is shot then almost anything will feel better.  One of the reasons that around 40% of all bed-in-a-box purchases are returned or exchanged during the trail period is because people were not able to try them out at all before purchase.  The in-store experience allows you to feel the nuanced differences from model to model.  You can feel the difference between a cheaply made model and a substantial high-quality product.  Until you feel both in the same setting you may not be able to detect what is poor quality. 

It is surprising how often someone will come in looking for a firm model only to find out they actually prefer a softer option.  The truth is most people don’t know what they want or like until they try several models across the spectrum.  The questionnaire on a website can easily point you in the wrong direction if you do not know what you want or are wrong about what you need. 

At Mattress Gallery Direct we have an extremely effective process for finding the right mattress for you the first time.  We have all styles of mattresses represented from all foam to coil and all the various hybrid options.  That is why so many health professionals feel comfortable sending their patients to us.  They know our system and they know that nothing can replace the hands-on approach we apply to all of our presentations.  Please visit any of our 5 locations in Middle Tennessee.  Whether you are in Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Franklin or any of the surrounding areas you will receive the same great service by our non-commissioned based associates.


  1. Getting the bed frame might be easy; all you really have to do is decide which one looks the most appealing to you. When picking out the مفارش you want to be more careful, as that's what you're going to actually be sleeping on for the following years.

  2. Looking for a Bed in a Box or Mattress in a box in Murfreesboro, Franklin, or Smyrna TN.? You might want to check out the newest mattress selection from Mattress Gallery Direct. With 5 locations in middle TN. and over 1000 mattresses in stock, you can get the quality you want without settling for a cheap mattress that is smashed into a box. A mattress is something that should last for many years. Comfort as well as quality is what can provide long lasting satisfaction. Mattress Gallery has top trained Bedding Specialists as well as an on staff Myoskelatal Therapist to help you select the right comfort and support for your needs. A mattress isn't a one size fits all kind of purchase. You shouldn't have to risk such an important investment on a shot in the dark purchase of a bed in a box like Casper, Purple, Tuft & Neddle, or any of the other 100s of them out there. If you are wondering why Mattress Gallery direct is well known as the best place to buy a mattress in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna, you won't have to wonder much longer. Stop by any of our locations to get the assistance you need. Also remember to download your FREE Mattress Starter Guide and Free Pillow Offer from the MGD home page. See you soon.

  3. We have had several people reach out to us lately for information about Bed in a Box mattresses in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna TN. People are curious if it is just a gimmick or if are they decent mattresses. We could go on for days explaining why we feel the bed in a box option should not be taken seriously by consumers looking for the best quality, however we will cover just a couple of the key points that are most concerning.

    Mattresses are supposed to support the weight of the user for at least 8 hours per night with plenty of support and pressure relief. The problem the bed in a box mattress industry has is that in order to fit a mattress into a box it has to be of a lighter density. Density is the heart of the mattress and where all of the support and longevity comes from. How can a mattress be smashed into a box and then suddenly become a durable and supportive sleep surface thereafter? The truth is that it can't which brings us to our next point.

    Mattresses should have a good guarantee or Warranty that is backed by a reputable company. The biggest issue with the online mattress in a box or bed in a box companies is that they don't have the time tested factor you need to feel safe with your purchase. It's hard to believe a company can feel good about offering a 10 year warranty on a product that hasn't even been around long enough to know if it could last that long. And even worse a company that hasn't been in business long enough to know if they will still be around 10 years in the future.

    Our recommendation is to stop by your local Mattress Gallery Direct to check out the best brands with a long track record of durability such as: Tempur-pedic, Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns & Foster, Jamison Custom Resort, Englander Resort Collection & Black Label, Restonic Scott Living and Biltmore Collection, and Wellsville by Malouf. You will quickly find out why our customers say Mattress Gallery Direct is the best mattress store with the best sales prices on mattresses.


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