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Mattress Store in Murfreesboro TN gets Sleep Science Coach

Top 3 Takeaways Murfreesboro TN gets new Sleep Science Coach Mattress Gallery Direct has Certified Bedding Specialists Mattress Gallery Direct helps you find the best mattress for you A lot of people have become exhausted with the whole mattress shopping experience, and rightfully so. Most mattress stores have become more of a point of confusion than an exhilarating experience. This is because mattresses are about more than just a place to sleep. Too many retailers look at a mattress as just puffy rectangles and one size fits all. This could not be further from the truth. The reality is that you need a well-trained professional to help assess your individual sleep situation and make recommendations to ensure you will make the right decision. Too many mattress shoppers are forced to make this important decision on their own and often are disappointed. That is why Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro TN has hired a Certified Sleep Science Coach and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist to

No need to wait until Black Friday for a Deal!

It is common knowledge that Black Friday is one of the best times to get the best price on a mattress. It is true that many manufacturers save their best rebates and sale prices for Black Friday. Most builders use the Black Friday sale as a way to get rid of overstock items. This year is a little different. With the shutdowns from the Covid-19 crisis, many manufacturers are behind in production.  One of the largest builders in the world is currently 45,000 PIECES BEHIND in manufacturing. The wait time for most products are 4-10 weeks. Black Friday this year will be affected by the lack of overstock. We have seen unprecedented price increases over the last five months. Even with the discounts for Black Friday many items will be more than the pre-Covid-19 prices. THE GOOD NEWS is that Mattress Gallery Direct saw this coming! We took advantage of pre-shutdown specials that the manufacturers were running. We have the best prices on Sealy, Stearns and Foster, Englander Resort and Hotel Coll

Highest Rated Mattress Store in Franklin, Murfreesboro and Smyrna

Mattress Gallery Direct is the highest rated mattress store in Middle Tennessee.  With over 1000+ Five Star Google ratings and reviews our customers have spoken. We want to thank all of our clients for taking time out of their busy days to spread the good word about our services and great pricing. One of the things we keep seeing over and over again in the words of our customers is that Mattress Gallery Direct made the selection and buying process so easy. We have a selection process that we designed along with input from a Sleep Science Coach, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist and many local Chiropractors. Our diverse selection of brands such as Tempur-Pedic, Stearns and Foster, Sealy, Jamison, Englander Resort and Hotel Collection and Capital Bedding offer all the modern design techniques. Whether you are looking for a therapeutic mattress for a minor or severe back, neck or hip condition or looking for one of the advanced cooling mattresses we have you covered. Most locations have ove

True Gel Pillows by Legendaire

Top 2 Takeaways: The body needs to drop one to two degrees for optimal sleep The True Gel is softer and more comfortable than most solid foam pillows on the market Legendaire has been expand their ever-growing line of accessories over the last year. Mattress Gallery Direct is happy to announce that we have added the True Gel Pillow to our line up of accessories. The first order sold out so fast we had to triple our order projections. They are that good! So, if you came in for one and we were out, we are stocked up at all five Middle Tennessee Locations. Many of our clients ask why is sleeping cooler so important these days. Sleep studies have shown that our body temperature needs to drop by a degree or two for you to achieve the best restorative sleep. If your mattress or pillow are making you hot, it is going to interfere with that process. With the True Gel Pillow and its patented ICE Technology you can pair this new pillow with mattresses from Englander, Jam


TOP 2 TAKEAWAYS LUXEADAPT is the most advanced model in the lineup LUXEADAPT is the highest definition Gel Memory Foam This week we are going to highlight the most advanced TEMPUR-PEDIC product line. The TEMPUR-LUXEADAPT collection is the culmination of all the features they have to offer. If you are looking for the ultimate memory foam experience the LUXEADAPT is for you. This line takes all the features we have written about and adds the most advanced options. We will walk you through the added features and explain how they turn a regular TEMPUR-PEDIC into the most advanced Gel Memory Foam mattress on the market. EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: TEMPUR-APR+™ Support Layer: The most cellular dense memory foam that TEMPRU-PEDIC makes. The higher the cellular density the higher the definition of the contour. TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer: This is the highest definition comfort layer TEMPUR-PEDIC offers. This adds a level of comfort that other memory foam products do not ha

Mattress Gallery Direct Smyrna Location

Top 3 Takeaways Mattress Gallery Direct Smyrna is Celebrating our one-year anniversary. Mattress Gallery Direct Smyrna has a clearance section with the best deals on slightly damaged products. All brands are represented at the Smyrna location. Mattress Gallery Direct just celebrated our one-year anniversary at our newest location at 550 Sam Ridley Parkway West in Smyrna.  We would like to thank all of our new clients from Smyrna, La Vergne and Antioch. You have made our first year a great one. For those of you who have not stopped in to visit us yet I will go through some of our products that we offer and explain our clearance part of the store. Mattress Gallery Direct Smyrna has many of the same great products that our locations in Murfreesboro and Franklin have.  You will find selections from Tempur-pedic, Sealy, Jamison, Capital Bedding, Stearns and Foster and Englander Resort and Hotel Collection.  These brands will have the same great savings and service that