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Murfreesboro TN Mattress Stores get Chiropractor Recommendation

Top 3 Takeaways Mattress Gallery Direct Mattress stores in Murfreesboro TN are Chiropractor Recommended  Mattress Gallery Direct has an on-staff Sleep Science Coach and MyoSkeletal Alignment Therapist Mattress Gallery Direct employees are trained to help achieve neutral spinal alignment on your new mattress  Murfreesboro is growing, and because of that Mattress Gallery Direct has opened 2 locations to better serve our clients. Any place can sell you a mattress, however Mattress Gallery Direct has put in years of product research to bring the top rated mattresses to middle Tennessee to alleviate back, shoulder, hip, and neck discomfort. In addition to offering the top name brand mattresses, MGD has developed relationships with the top rated chiropractors in Middle Tennessee to learn more about correct posture and proper sleep hygiene. In 2018 MGD hired a Sleep Science Coach and MyoSkeletal Alignment Therapist to work one-on-one with our employees to ensure that they are able help our cu