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True Gel Pillows by Legendaire

Top 2 Takeaways: The body needs to drop one to two degrees for optimal sleep The True Gel is softer and more comfortable than most solid foam pillows on the market Legendaire has been expand their ever-growing line of accessories over the last year. Mattress Gallery Direct is happy to announce that we have added the True Gel Pillow to our line up of accessories. The first order sold out so fast we had to triple our order projections. They are that good! So, if you came in for one and we were out, we are stocked up at all five Middle Tennessee Locations. Many of our clients ask why is sleeping cooler so important these days. Sleep studies have shown that our body temperature needs to drop by a degree or two for you to achieve the best restorative sleep. If your mattress or pillow are making you hot, it is going to interfere with that process. With the True Gel Pillow and its patented ICE Technology you can pair this new pillow with mattresses from Englander, Jam