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Stearns and Foster Cushion Firm

The Cushion Firm is one of the most popular options in mattresses today.   It is particularly good for couples who prefer different comfort levels.   With a firm under layer and a soft top it is a very neutral feel that works for people who like soft or firm.   The Stearns and Foster Cushion Firm starts off with a high count of their propitiatory intellicoil.   That means the core of the mattress is very solid giving you a firm foundation to build the mattresses comfort layers.   On top of the firm core there are multiple layers of foam ranging from firm to a little bit on the soft side.   Then they top it off with the famous Stearns and Foster wool and cotton top layers.   Since there are elements of firm and soft in the cushion firm the user can take what they want from the feel.   You can respond to the softness on the top or the firm core layer.   The Stearns and Foster Cushion Firm has been a miracle worker for couples who previously could not find a model that the

Quest Pillow by Sleep Harmony

Most pillows are pretty one dimensional.   Some are designed for back sleep and some are designed for side sleep and are not interchangeable.   The Quest pillow is a rare bird because it is equally effective as a side and back sleeping pillow.   It's unique contoured shape makes it one of the most versatile pillows on the market today.   Its memory foam filling provides pressure relief and contour to your neck for the ultimate therapeutic benefit.   For those of you who always flip the pillow over for the cold side you will be extremely happy with the high tech Feran Ice fabric.   Imagine a fabric that stays cool to the touch all night long; that’s the magic that is Feran Ice.   Come check the Quest pillow at the Mattress Gallery Direct location closest to you today.

Sleep Calm Mattress Protector

Did you know that your mattress doubles in weight every 10 years?   Let that sink in for a moment.   Years of dust mite dander and dead skin cells cause your mattress to be the most unsanitary items in your home.   Mattress protectors have been around forever but they were simply plastic barriers.   Not only did it make too much noise it was also so unbreathable that the user would sweat all night long.   The Sleep Calm Mattress Protector is designed to be the most user friendly protector available.   It starts with an absorbent micro fiber top.   The membrane on the bottom is 100% waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, dust mite proof and breathable.   That means you can rest assured that your mattress is safe without having to give up the comfort or temperature control your mattress offers.   It doesn't matter if your mattress has cooling features if you have a barrier that is not breathable.   Stop by Mattress Gallery Direct today for a demo of this wond

Tempur-Pedic Legacy

In 2008 the most popular Tempur-Pedic model was introduced.   The Tempur-Cloud model   was the first model that was geared towards people who wanted the same contour and pressure relief of a Tempur-Pedic but in a softer comfort level.   That year 80% of Tempur-Pedic mattresses sold were the Cloud.   Over the years the model has morphed into a cloud line with several models available.   At some point the original cloud was discontinued.   The Legacy is your chance to own a replica of the original cloud model from 2008.   It will be available for limited time.   If you missed the boat the first time around you have to come into Mattress Gallery Direct as soon as possible to experience the Legacy before it is gone for another 10 years.