Quest Pillow by Sleep Harmony

Most pillows are pretty one dimensional.  Some are designed for back sleep and some are designed for side sleep and are not interchangeable.  The Quest pillow is a rare bird because it is equally effective as a side and back sleeping pillow.  It's unique contoured shape makes it one of the most versatile pillows on the market today.  Its memory foam filling provides pressure relief and contour to your neck for the ultimate therapeutic benefit.  For those of you who always flip the pillow over for the cold side you will be extremely happy with the high tech Feran Ice fabric.  Imagine a fabric that stays cool to the touch all night long; that’s the magic that is Feran Ice.  Come check the Quest pillow at the Mattress Gallery Direct location closest to you today.


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  2. We introduced this awesome Quest pillow earlier in the year and man did it take off. We wondered what people would think about such a unique shape and design. Well we found out in a big way. The Quest pillow has now become the Top Seller here at Mattress Gallery Direct. We have had a ton of feedback from our customers on this product and the verdict is in: You have to get one of these bad boys! It offers the perfect amount of pressure relief and support with its unique cut out shape. the cooling technology has also been a big hit for folks that want a little bit of that fresh and cool sensation right up close. We have these pillows available on display at any of our Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Franklin locations. Stop by today to see what the fuss is all about. By the way, they make GREAT Christmas gifts.


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