LUXEADAPT is the most advanced model in the lineup

LUXEADAPT is the highest definition Gel Memory Foam

This week we are going to highlight the most advanced TEMPUR-PEDIC product line. The TEMPUR-LUXEADAPT collection is the culmination of all the features they have to offer. If you are looking for the ultimate memory foam experience the LUXEADAPT is for you. This line takes all the features we have written about and adds the most advanced options. We will walk you through the added features and explain how they turn a regular TEMPUR-PEDIC into the most advanced Gel Memory Foam mattress on the market.


TEMPUR-APR+™ Support Layer:

The most cellular dense memory foam that TEMPRU-PEDIC makes. The higher the cellular density the higher the definition of the contour.

TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer:

This is the highest definition comfort layer TEMPUR-PEDIC offers. This adds a level of comfort that other memory foam products do not have.

SMARTCLIMATE® Dual Cover System:

The most advanced cover in the TEMPUR-PEDIC product line. The outer layer has a high yarn density to provide the coolest to the touch cover available. The under layer is designed to very stretchable adding to the comfort.

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  1. We have been blown away by the new Tempur-pedic Adapt Medium, Pro Adapt, and Luxe Adapt memory foam line. They really took the memory foam category back. Even with prices double that of the online Amazon Bed in A Box such as Purple mattress, Lisa mattress, Tuft & Needle mattress and Casper, just to mane a few, they are still the top rated and most googles foam mattress on the market. Mattress Gallery Direct is proud to showcase a full selection of these new Tempur-pedic beds and Adjustable base systems. A few note worthy feature that have impressed our clients and have pretty much been the talk of the town include:

    1) High Molecular Yarn covering (Provides a cool sleep surface that is easy to remove and clean for a fresh nights rest)

    2) MicroCell Technology (Allows for total body conformation resulting in better back support, neck relief, hip and shoulder relief, and an overall better spinal alignment experience.

    3) Open Cell Structure (Allows for a breathable mattress and quick response. The Tempur-pedic mattress may conform better than a Casper or Avocado mattress while still offering a breathable sleep surface if you are starting to sleep hot. (Remember to download our Free Mattress Guides on the Mattress Gallery Direct home page to learn more about getting a better nights rest)

    4) Mattress Gallery Direct has the largest selection of Tempur-pedic mattresses to try in person. Why shop online when you can work with a Certified Bedding Specialist that has been trained by our Certified Sleep Science Coach and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist? We even consult with a network of physicians and Chiropractors to better understand how we can help find the best mattress for you. So if you have been wondering were to find the best mattress store or top rated and most reviewed in the Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Brentwood, or Smyrna area look no further than MGD. See you soon.


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