Tempur-Pedic: Adapt Series

When you visit one of Mattress Gallery Direct’s Murfreesboro, Smyrna or Franklin locations you may notice some big changes to the Tempur-Pedic line.  The new Adapt models are now on the floor and are becoming the bestselling Tempur-Pedics of all time at Mattress Gallery Direct.  There are three different classes of Adapt.

1. Adapt Level Features:

      a. Super dense yarn fabric that is cool to the touch.
      b. Tempur-ES comfort Layer

2. Pro Adapt Level Features:

      a. Dual cover system that takes the Adapt fabric up a notch. It is the coolest Tempur fabric to date.
      b. Tempur-ES Comfort Layer
      c. Tempur-APR Layer. The most advanced cell structure Memory Foam that Tempur has ever offered. The higher the cell number the higher definition the contour and pressure relief will be.

3. Luxe Adapt Features:

      a. All of the features of the Adapt and Pro Adapt models
      b. Upgraded Tempur-APR+ with the highest density of high definition memory foam cells. The APR+ is the most advanced memory foam available in the world.

Please visit a Mattress Gallery Direct location in Smyrna, Murfreesboro or Franklin to experience the latest in the evolution of Tempur-Pedic.


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  1. A quick update about the NEW Tempur-pedic Adapt, Pro Adapt, and Luxe Adapt matrresses. We have been blown away by the positive feedback we have received from our clients. As you probably know we consult with many local Chiropractors and even have an on staff Sleep Science Coach to gain a better understanding of how our mattresses, pillows, and adjustable base products can help our customers get the restorative sleep they deserve. Tempur-pedic mattresses have been a very reliable asset for many of our customers suffering form aches and pains. We have always had great feedback from the Tempur product however this new line of Adapt series mattresses have really raised the bar.

    Top 3 Takeaways form customer feedback:

    1). The New Adapt Medium provides considerable pressure relief and cooling technology at an unbeatable discounted price as compared to the previous entry level Tempur-pedic products.

    2). The New Pro Adapt Tempur series gives an incredible amount of upgrades at a lower price than Tempur-pedic has ever allowed. They pack a punch especially when compared to other discounted memory foam mattress brands.

    3). The Luxe Adapt series is exactly what the name suggests. If you want all of the support that has made Tempur-pedic famous along with their NEW cooling high molecular yarn fabrics and a more luxurious feel, this fits the bill.

    The general consensus seems to be that Tempur-pedic is giving you more value at the lowest price point ever. If you have ever considered owning one of these famous and original space foam mattresses, now is an excellent time to visit any of Mattress Gallery Direct's 5 Middle TN. locations. You can check us out @ Jordan Road Franklin TN. , Bakers Bridge Road Franklin TN., Medical Center PKWY Murfreesboro TN., Saint Andrews Drive Murfreesboro TN. and NOW our New Smyrna TN. location on Sam Ridley PKWY.


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