Legendaire Pillows and Protectors

At Mattress Gallery Direct we are always on the lookout for new products to offer our clients.  We are proud to add Legendaire to our family of brands. All locations in Middle Tennessee will have the iSnooze pillow and the Knight’s Armor mattress protectors.

The iSnooze is quickly becoming our #1 selling pillow.  Its unique feathered memory foam gives it a feel that is somewhere between down and memory foam.  The iSnooze is one of the few memory foam pillows offered in both King and Queen size.

The Knight’s Armor protector is Legendaire’s offering in the mattress protection market.  It is waterproof, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.  The Knight’s Armor is also machine washable and dryable.  One of the features that we really like about Legendaire’s concept is the 5-sided design.  Most protectors on the market only protect the top of the mattress.  The Knight’s Amore protects the top and all 4 sides.  This allows for full protection while also being easy to remove and put on your mattress.  The design also makes it fit all styles of mattresses.  Thinner designs like firm, plush, cushion firm and all foam models like memory foam and latex will be just as protected as the thicker styles like pillow tops, euro tops and luxury hybrids.

Stop by one of our locations in Murfreesboro, Franklin and Smyrna to check out the iSnooze Pillow and the Knight’s Amor Mattress Protector by Legendaire.  We are also happy to announce that we will soon be adding some great mattresses from Legendaire to our lineup.



  1. We have had tremendous feed back from our customers about the i snooze pillow by Legendaire. Everyone seems to agree that this is an all around awesome pillow for back, stomach, and side sleepers alike. We have tested these pillows with top rated mattress brands from Tempurpedic, Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns and Foster along with specialty brands such as Capitol Bedding, Jamison Resort Custom, and Englander Resort Collection. There really isn't a style that the i snooze can't handle. They have worked well with memory foam and natural latex models as well as hybrid gel mattresses and adjustable bed frames. The secret is in the slightly narrowed design to allow for optimal neck support without bunching up to create pressure on the shoulders. If you are looking for the best mattress and pillow store to try several options check out any of your local mattress gallery direct discount mattress stores near you.


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