Tempu-Pedic Adapt Mattress

We are happy to have the newest series of mattresses from our friends at Tempu-Pedic.  The Adapt Series of Mattresses come in Firm, Medium and Soft options.  That means you have a several options to pinpoint your exact comfort needs while getting you the most advanced Tempur-Pedic to date.  The Adapt features Tempur-Pedics most pressure relieving and coolest foam yet.  They combine that with a space age fabric that is cool to the touch and maintains a lower temperature throughout the night.

The Firm model feels like the classic Tempur-Pedic firm models.  The Medium is feels like the ever popular plush firm or cushion firm style.  The Soft Adapt has the feel of the softer pillowtop styles on the market.  As Tempur-Pedic expands its available comfort options more people are able to find the perfect fit for there needs.  There have never been more options in Tempur-Pedic than there are today.

At Mattress Gallery Direct we have the full lineup of Tempur-Pedic Adapt models on our showroom floor along with all of the other great models people have loved for years.  Come by and let one of our non commissioned based representatives help you today.


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  1. Wow! The response we have had on the new Tempur-pedic Adapt series has been overwhelmingly awesome. This product has been on the market for several months and all of the feedback has been positive. Several of our clients have used this model to help alleviate back pain, hip pain , and even shoulder pain. Many of the local Chiropractors that we work with here at Mattress Gallery Direct have recommended the Tempur-pedic brand for many years and for good reason. These mattresses are some of the most technologically advanced available. Tempur-pedic spends millions of dollars researching their products and materials before they release them to the public. Instead of making the customer the guinea pig they take extra time needed without rushing the product to market. This has always allowed them to enjoy the lowest return rate of any mattress brand on the market. If you haven't had the opportunity to one in person feel free to stop by any of our Murfreesboro TN., Franklin TN., or Smyrna TN., locations. We proudly showcase the Tempur-Adapt , Pro Adapt, Luxe Adapt, and Breeze models. And remember to visit our home page to get your Free Pillow offer and Mattress Starter Guide. See you soon.


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