Glideaway Sub Zero Mattress Protector

At Mattress Gallery Direct we firmly believe in the use of mattress protectors to not only keep your mattress clean but to extend the life by several years.  The average mattress doubles in weight every 10 years do to dust mite dander and dead skin cells.  The mattress also behaves like a big sponge sucking up any moisture that it is exposed to by the users sweating throughout the night.  This creates a perfect atmosphere for allergens and bacteria to flourish.  It will also cause the foams to wear out prematurely.  We offer many choices in the top technologies for mattress protectors.

This week we would like to spotlight the Sub Zero protector by Glideaway.  The Sub Zero not only provides a dust mite proof barrier it is also is 100% liquid proof.  It is also breathable, so it will not heat up like the plastic protectors that are in the market.  These features can be said about many of the protectors available today.  What makes the Sub Zero stand out is its cooling Gel technology.  The geniuses at Glideaway have figured out a way to combine the Gel technology found in the most advanced Memory Foam and Latex mattress with the most advanced protector technology.  The Sub  Zero have many applications.  You can add it to an existing mattress to bring it up to the cooling possibilities of modern mattresses or you can add it to a new mattress to get a double dose the coolness.  Due to the material used on the side the Sub Zero can stretch anywhere from 8”-25”.  That means that if you have a Firm, Plush, Pillowtop or even a Super Pillowtop the Sub Zero will fit your mattress snugly and will not have to be readjusted throughout the night. 

Come by any of our Middle Tennessee locations to see the Sub Zero in action.


  1. Wow! This product has just exploded with positive customer feedback. Here at Mattress Gallery Direct we take our time selecting our products to make sure that we represent the very best that our industry has to offer. There is absolutely no need for you to settle for anything less than the BEST. Glideaway sleep products have been a staple in our stores for many years. Whether it's a premium adjustable bed frame, Pillow, or a high quality mattress protector they really seem to be one of the top performers according to our customer surveys. Many of our clients over the years would express their need for a cooling option to help with sleeping hot or excessive sweating at night. We searched high and low to find an affordable option that delivered REAL COOL results. This is why we are so excited to find that our Sub Zero mattress cover has been a big hit that has helped our valued customers and reaffirmed that we are still the best mattress store in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna TN. If you are reading this comment and have yet to stop by one of our 5 locations in Middle TN. feel free to visit the home page to claim your FREE PILLOW coupon and get 2 Free Mattress Starter Guides. In your Mattress Starter Guide you will find information to help with your search for a new mattress including:

    * What's the best mattress
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  2. Due to the recent outbreak of the Covid 19 Virus we have seen a surge in the need for hypoallergenic and sanitary mattress protectors. It is always a great idea to protect your mattress from germs and bacteria especially in times like these. A lot of people just don't realize that we sweat four gallons per month onto our mattresses and exfoliate a layer our skin ever 21 nights. It is easy to brush those kind of numbers off as hype but the reality is that our mattresses are pretty filthy without a mattress protector. And even with a mattress protector it has to be washed regularly to get the full benefits of sanitation. Now that we are becoming more conscious of are sanitation needs people are more open to the idea of a premium high quality mattress protection shield. That is why all Mattress Gallery Direct locations in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna TN. have fully stocked up on Knights Armor mattress protectors by Legendaire. They really do have the full package when it comes to protection including:

    1) Smooth Top Design (Doesn't change the feel of your mattress)

    2) Washable (Can be washed in hot water and tumble died on low heat)

    3) 5 Side Protection (Protection from liquid on all 5 sides)

    4) Hypoallergenic (Great for people with allergies)

    5) Vapor Permeable (Allows for air flow and cooler comfort)

    We have also stepped up our game in the Cooling Mattress Protector arena. Mattress Gallery Direct is proud to offer our Middle Tennessee clients the very best Cooling Mattress Cover (Artic Blast by Legendaire). We have been blown away by the positive feed back from our clients on this one. Grand Slam! This NEW Cool Mattress Cover has all of the same benefits as the Knights Armor model with the additional high molecular yarn woven top to offer a cooling surface like you've never felt before. The really cool thing about it (pun intended) is that it is cold but does not freeze you out. Some people are interested in sleep cooler but don't want to be down right cold. This is exactly what we've found. Great all around product. Remember that with the craziness going on out there a mattress protective cover is a great way to help sanitize your bedroom. If you have any questions feel free to contact any Mattress Gallery Direct location in Murfreesboro, Franklin, or Smyrna. We offer the best mattresses near you from world famous brands like:

    1) Englander Resort Collection

    2) Stearns & Foster Estate

    3) Sealy Posturepedic

    4) Sealy Palatial Crest

    5) Jamison Resort Custom Bedding

    6) Wellsville by Malouf

    7) Grand Resort by Legendaire

    8) Grand Resort International by Legendaire

    9) Leggett and Platt

    10) Tempur-pedic Adapt, Pro Adapt, Luxe Adapt, and Breeze models

    11) Capital Sleep Solutions by Capital Bedding Co.

    We look forward to seeing you soon. We would love to show you first hand why our clients have given us the most 5 star reviews on Google in the Nashville area. Just search for the "best mattress store" or "top rated mattress store in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna" and you'll find Mattress Gallery Direct.


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