Sealy Mattress Store in Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna


Are you looking for a Sealy mattress store in Murfreesboro, Franklin, or Smyrna TN.? Mattress Gallery Direct has you covered. We have been proud to offer a full line of Sealy products to our middle TN. customers for many years.

What makes Sealy such a great mattress brand?

Sealy uses some of the most technologically advanced components in the construction of their premium mattresses. If you are suffering from back, hip, or neck discomfort, Sealy is the gold standard for helping alleviate these frustrating issues. Let’s talk about the heart of the mattress. Wrapped Coils.

Sealy uses an individual wrapped coil designed to form fit to everyone. This offers support and pressure relief where you need it and comfort where want it. But they don’t stop there. They reinforce the entire perimeter of their mattresses with extra strength coils to prevent the edge from sagging. This is just one of the components Sealy uses to offer a great value to their customers.

What about the comfort layers?

Sealy uses a combination of premium foams and Gel to give a truly unique sleeping experience. Gel has many functions when used in a premium Sealy mattress. The most notable is the cooling aspect. Gel has a natural cooling effect to help keep your body thermal neutral. This especially helps people with a tendency to sleep hot. Another important function of Gel is the pressure relieving benefit. These comfort layers are designed to form fit to the body and eliminate pressure from the shoulder and hips.

How long will a Sealy mattress last?

Sealy mattresses have a 10-year non-prorated warranty that covers manufacture defects. However, Sealy mattress have been well known to outlast their warranty by many years.

You really can’t go wrong with a Sealy mattress. And who better to buy one from than Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna TN.? With over 35 years of experience, Mattress Gallery Direct will help you select the right Sealy Posturepedic mattress for your specific support and comfort needs.

Stop by any of our 5 locations in Middle TN. for the best prices on Sealy mattresses in Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna TN. Remember to Download your FREE MATTRESS GUIDE to get you started.


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