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Mattress Gallery Direct is the Highest Rated Store Among Local Chiropractors

MGD has Top Rated Mattresses Best for Back, Hip, and Neck Problems

Mattress Gallery Direct has 5 Locations in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Franklin TN. with in-stock mattresses ready to be delivered today!

Mattress shopping can be a confusing endeavor to say the least. With so many brands, stores and online shopping options, it can be difficult to separate fact from hype. Mattress Gallery Direct accepts the challenge to change this.

Over 30 years ago when the Duncan family decided to open their first mattress and furniture showroom, things were a heck of a lot simpler. This is true for the consumer as well as the retail stores. Not to say that having access to information and an abundance of options are a bad thing. It's just that sometimes we can get a little distracted by so much information. When the Duncans decided to move their headquarters to middle Tennessee was around the same time internet research and shopping started to gain traction. Even though the internet has offered much in the way of valuable information to help one shop for a new mattress, we couldn’t help but notice a growing confusion among many of our customers. We would get questions such as:

“I read that Tempur-pedic is the best mattress. Is this true?"

“Is it true that a firm mattress is better for your back? And what if I don’t like firm but I need something good for my back?"

“I read that pillowtop mattresses always sag. Is this true?"

And on and on with these kinds of questions. The main reason for the confusion was the fact that advertisers used this confusion to try and sell a specific product. Most consumers got caught somewhere between an education and a high-pressure sales pitch. The truth is that mattress shopping should be fun and easy if you are working with well-trained people to help guide you safely through the process.

While advertisers doubled down on the confusing and sometimes misleading dissemination of information online, Mattress Gallery Direct went to school. We studied how mattresses were made from the bottom up. We learned about ergonomic sleep and proper spinal alignment. We hired a Myoskeletal Therapist and Sleep Science Coach as an integral part of our training. Each Mattress Gallery Direct employee goes through a six-week training program to become a Certified Bedding Specialist. The training they receive covers a variety of subjects from the manufacturing of high-quality mattresses to proper spinal alignment and assessment for recommending the right mattress for your back, hip, or neck issues.

Mattress Gallery Direct has even partnered with many local physicians and chiropractors to become the top-rated mattress store in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Smyrna, Tennessee for back, neck, and hip issues.

Feel free to stop by and check out the largest selection of mattresses in middle Tennessee at any of our 5 locations. We have hundreds of mattresses in-stock ready to be delivered immediately. No need to wait for 6 weeks or back order. Mattress Gallery Direct has over 30,000 sq ft of warehouse and inventory space with top-rated mattresses for back problems. Be sure to go to the MGD homepage and download your Free Mattress Guide to get you started.


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