What’s New with Stearns and Foster?

Top 3 Takeaways:

Stearns and Foster have HD Memory Foam that is the most advanced they have ever offered.

Stearns and Foster’s Estate collection are the best priced models on sale today.

Stearns and Foster Lux Estate highly recommended by network of Doctors and Chiropractors for hip, back and shoulder issues.

I am pleased to announce that the new line of Stearns and Foster mattresses are on the floor and they are a sight to behold.  The Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid and Reserve are the best we have seen from these guys and gals for years.  While they have always given the market a luxurious and well-built product the current models are something special.  The folks at Stearns and Foster have perfected the balance of Old-World craftsmanship and modern technology.  They mix that with remarkable tailoring and quality and you get America’s top luxury mattress brand.  I will go through the four different classes that comprise these great mattresses.


The Estate Collection in the starting level in the Stearns and Foster but it is far from basic.  These mattresses come with the famous IntelliCoil for contour, motion separation durability.  This version of the coil is the most up to date.  The Estate mattresses come with memory foam to give it a modern pressure relief and contour in the old school feel and build that people have come to expect in a Stearns and Foster.  With Firm, Ultra Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush, Pillow Top Firm, Pillow Top Plush options you are sure to find a model that will work for you.

Lux Estate:

The Lux Estate takes the Estate features up a notch.  By adding the new HD Memory Foam they are able to take pressure relief and contour to the next level.  The HD Memory foam has more memory cells that allows the foam to have a more nuanced interaction with the body.  The increased coil count (almost 1,800 in the queen) also adds a better contour at the core level.  This class of Stearns and Foster is highly recommended by our network of Doctors and Chiropractors for those who suffer from back, hip or neck issues.  They also add an Ultra Plush to the comfort options.

Lux Estate Hybrid:

The Hybrid Lux Estate models marry the Lux Estate features with that of an all foam mattress.  Since Stearns and Foster are owned by the Tempur-Sealy company, they have a great all foam model to draw from.  This is a great option for people who are looking for a Stearns and Foster with more of a memory foam feel.  The Hybrid models add even more of the HD Memory Foam that comes in the Lux Estate line.  They also increase the coil count for even more core contour.


The New Stearns and Foster Reserve is the culmination of all the feature of the other lines.  It has the highest coil count (over 3,000 in a queen) and the greatest amount of HD memory Foam layers.  This level also has the Stearns and Foster signature hand tufted top.  The hand tufting uses a heavy-duty yarn that connects the top of the mattress to the bottom by inserting a log needle and tying off both sides.  This is the best method for keeping the mattress layers from shifting over time.  Tufted mattresses have an increased life expectancy.  It is a time-consuming method that is almost lost in the mattress industry today.  Each mattress comes with a hand signed tag by the master builder that oversaw the build of your mattress.

Stearns and Foster are the most well-known luxury builder in the U.S.  It has been that way for almost 200 years.  Many brands have come and gone but Stearns and Foster have managed to stay at the forefront because of their undying commitment to quality and innovation.  If you are looking for a mattress that is crafted, not just made, the Stearns and Foster is the only way to go.  At Mattress Gallery Direct we respect what this company has brought to the history of mattresses.  Please visit any of our Middle Tennessee locations in Smyrna, Murfreesboro and Franklin to experience these fine mattresses for yourself.


  1. Wow! We have been overwhelmed with great response to the new Stearns & Foster Estate, Luxe Estate, and Estate Hybrid mattresses. It really shouldn't be much of a surprise though considering the preparation and care they use when handcrafting these works of art. We have several to sample at all five of our middle TN. showrooms. One particular model that has really been of interest to our clients is the Stearns & Foster estate luxury cushion firm. Now this mattress certainly lives up to it's title. It has all of the luxury materials from tencel to wool while offering a firm support that is contagious even to the lover of softer sleeping surfaces. Our first role out of this product line was in our Franklin TN. showroom on Bakers Bridge Ave. and then shortly after our Jordan Road location as well. The immediate positive response we recieved from our Mattress Gallery Direct customers told us that these mattresses would be a hit and should be available to all of our showrooms including Murfreesboro Medical Center, Saint Andrews, and Smyrna Sam Ridley locations as well. Top takeaways form our customers:

    * Stearns & Foster has never been more affordable.
    * Hand made mattresses have an attention to detail second to none.
    * S&F bedding has become much more pressure reliving now that they are able to use a privately labeled Tempur-pedic material in the top layer of the mattress.
    * The firmness level and support is on par with the last couple of generations of Stearns mattresses using the famous Intellicoil unit designed by S&F.
    * All of the models are able to be compatible with a premium adjustable base.
    * Mattress Gallery Direct has the best deals on Stearns and Foster with the most qualified and well trained Certified Bedding Specialists to help each customer find the perfect model.
    * Our Stearns & Foster beds are available in Twin size, Full size, Queen size, King size, California King size, and Twin XL or Extra Long configurations.

  2. We are excited to bring a new line of Palatial Crest Mattresses by Sealy Posturepedic to our Mattress Gallery Direct showrooms. This line will help bridge the gap between the traditional Sealy mattresses and the Stearns & Foster luxury series. These Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush, and Pillow top Hybrid models will be featured in all five of our middle TN. MGD locations.

    1) 132 Saint Andrews Drive Murfreesboro, TN. 37128 Across from Kohl's

    2) 2018 Medical Center Parkway Murfreesboro TN. 37129 Next to Walgreens

    3) 550 Sam Ridley Parkway Smyrna TN. 37167 Across from Jim and Nick's

    4) 7090 Bakers Bridge Road Franklin, TN. 37064 Across from the Coolsprings Mall

    5) 790 Jordan Road Franklin, TN. 37067 Across from SAMS

    We haven't introduced the whole Palatial Crest Sealy mattress series yet however several have been added to our showrooms and have been well received. We like to introduce a few at a time to give our Certified Bedding Specialists time to learn the features. We also consult with our on staff Sleep Science Coach and Myoskeletal Therapist to gain a proper understanding of each mattress and what they have to offer our clients. Sealy mattresses have been a big part of the American mattress industry for almost 100 years and have been recommended many times over by Chiropractors and other health professionals. This is understandable consider the vast array of premium components such as:

    1) Wrapped Coils (Encased in non woven material form independent support and comfort)

    2) side to side Edge Coil (Keeps the edge of the mattress durable and sturdy for sitting and adjustable base usage)

    3) Center Zone Support (Extra strength coils in the center third of the mattress running form side to side. Reduces sagging in the midsection of the mattress and adds considerable support in the lumbo pelvic region.

    4) Premium Gel infused Hybrid Memory Foam (Memory foam with a twist! Gel infused to add durability and cooling sensation)

    5) Premium Sealy High Molecular Yarn Cover (Breathable like never before to maintain a fresh sleeping surface and aid in the overall thermo-regulation of the mattress.

    6) 10 Year Non-prorated warranty! This is the standard for durability.

    It is always a task to find the best place to shop for a mattress on sale. Most people go to the closest one after search "best mattress store near me". We get it. Convenience is important however long term comfort and durability we would argue out does convenience any of the week. Take the extra time to make the drive to Mattress Gallery Direct and we will make it worth your while. It won't take you long to understand why our customers have made us the Top Rated Mattress Store in Franklin TN. Murfreesboro TN. or Smyrna TN. See you soon.


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