What Is the Best Tempur-Pedic Mattress?

Top 5 Takeaways:

New Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze is cooler than Cloud model.

There is a big difference in Tempur foam and memory foam

Tempur-Pedic out performs discounted foam mattresses and bed in a box mattresses

Searching “Tempur-Pedic dealer near me” or “Tempur-Pedic mattress gallery near me” will yield better results than buying direct online

Top Consumer Rated for back, stomach and side sleepers

Hey guys we are finally getting around to writing the blog you have all been asking for in the stores and online.  While comparing the various Tempur-Pedic product lines and models I will also answer some of the other most common questions about the brand.  One thing we hear almost as much as “What is the best Tempur-Pedic mattress?” is “Are Tempur-Pedics worth the price?”  The answer to that one is a big “YES!”  Tempur-Pedic is the gold standard in foam mattresses.  Every foam mattress on the market, the good and the bad, are inspired by Tempur.  All foam technology starts in Tempur and trickles down into the other brands.  All other products are always a few years behind.  Tempur-Pedic is the only company to use the original NASA formula memory foam.  Their foam is truly different than all other versions on the market.  Because Tempur-Pedics are not imported from China, like most of the online foam mattresses and bed in a box mattress, they are not cheap but true quality and innovation comes at a cost.  

The new lineup of Tempur-Pedic has really impressed us and we have seen a big jump in sales since their introduction into the market.  I will break down the different options currently available.

First Level:  ADAPT Series

There are two models available in the Adapt group.  Don’t let the words First Level fool you.  The Adapt models are super advanced.  Both Adapts come in a Medium feel.  This is great news because in the past the entry level Tempur was very firm.  Most people found it to so firm that all body contour and pressure relief was lost.  You used to have to spend close to $3000.00 to get a softer feeling Tempur.  The Adapt takes the original design and adds a softer layer of their Gel Memory Foam to the top.  That makes all the difference in the world.  That extra layer makes it so much more comfortable.  The cover is a cool to the touch’ fabric that helps regulate sleeping temperature.  The Adapt Medium comes in two options, an ‘all foam’ and a ‘hybrid’.  

Second Level:  PROADAPT Series

There are four options in the ProAdapt series: Soft, Medium, Medium Hybrid and Firm.  They take the Adapt concept and add a layer of memory foam with a higher cell count to give you an upgraded contour that is more nuanced.  Memory foam cells are like pixels in a camera.  The more pixels, the more definition.  The cover is upgraded to an even cooler fabric that can be removed and laundered.  How cool is that?  With four different comfort options the ProAdapt line really opens up some great possibilities.  

Third Level:  LUXEADAPT

The LUXEADAPT collection comes in two styles: Firm and Soft.  These models take everything that the PROADAPTs have and add an even more High Definition foam.  This is the ultimate for people who need the highest level of contour and pressure relief.  That is especially important for people with back, hip or neck issues.  Many of the Doctors and Chiropractors that we partner with highly recommend this level of Tempur-Pedic.  

Fourth Level:  PRO Breeze and LUXE Breeze

The Breeze level mattresses take the features from the Pro and Luxe mattresses and add the option of two different covers.  The Pro level cover has a 3 degrees cooler performance and the Luxe level is an unprecedented 8 degrees cooler.  These models are the whole package.  They include every technological advancement in mattresses available today.

We currently have all new Tempur-Pedic models on the showroom floor of all 5 Middle Tennessee locations in Franklin, Murfreesboro and Smyrna.  All of our non-commissioned associates are trained by our on staff Sleep Science Coach.  They are available from 10:00-8:00 Monday-Saturday and 1:00-5:00 on Sunday to help you find the right model for you.


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