Leggett and Platt Phoenix Series Adjustable Bases

This year Leggett and Platt introduced some of their most advanced and most affordable Power Base models ever.  With the rise of adjustable base sales over the last few years many mattress companies are making more models that are compatible with adjustable systems.   This means that consumers have an unlimited amount of combinations to choose from.  Two models that have really stood out to us at Mattress Gallery Direct is the Phoenix Caliber + M and the Phoenix Surge.

Leggett and Platt have managed to offer two extremely affordable options that are not short on features.  With their German designed/made motors and the American made frames these bases have a lot to offer.  The Caliber has a wireless remote that moves the base’s head and feet up and down.  It also has a one touch flat button and a flashlight.  The Surge takes the features a step further with memory functions and massage.  If you want to take an already great mattress to the next level, you should consider one of these premium adjustable bases from Leggett and Platt.



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