Sealy Crown Jewel CJ 100

For those of you looking for a good old school firm mattress the CJ 100 is for you.  Most brands today produce many different styles of firm mattresses from cushion firms to firm pillow tops.  While these new styles open up many new options for consumers, the fans of the traditional firm have found them harder and harder to come by.  Sealy has heard you loud and clear and their answer is the extra firm CJ 100.

The CJ 100 uses a stronger than average coil gauge that gives the core of the mattress an extremely firm and sturdy construction. The top layer uses a minimal amount of high density foam the give you that stiff feel that fans of the firm need.   These two features keep the mattress from getting softer over the years.  Most firm mattress designs today have an average coil gauge with the foam doing all the work.  That leads to softening over the years.  In the CJ 100 your firmness is coming from the steel coil in the core of the mattress.  Every Mattress Gallery Direct in Middle Tennessee has a full line of the Sealy Crown Jewel on the showroom.  Come by and let a member of our team help you find the right model for you.


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