Jamison Marriott Mattress

How many times have you slept in a Marriott hotel and wondered why the mattress was so comfortable? This is a question that has become a regular for the front desk concierge at many Marriott properties across the world. The answer is simple. Marriott cares deeply about providing the most comfortable experience for their guests. That is why they use Jamison Bedding Company as the main provider of hospitality graded mattresses for their rooms. Many Hotel and Resort chains have taken the cue from Marriott and have decided to upgrade their bedding offerings to include a wide range of quality name brand mattresses. Jamison is still a consumer favorite. Their brand has become extremely popular to the online market through a direct to consumer program that Marriott offers.

Mattress Gallery Direct has been a long-time partner with the Jamison mattress manufacturer to bring the hotel and resort experience directly to your home at an affordable price. We offer an exclusive opportunity to experience this hospitality grade product in your home for a fraction of the online prices. Feel free to stop by any of our Murfreesboro Tn. or Franklin Tn. locations to get additional information. It won’t take long to understand why customers rate MGD the best place to buy a mattress in Tennessee.


  1. Hey guys. Hope you had a great new year. Now lets get back to business. Here at Mattress Gallery Direct we have noticed a renewed interest in Hotel and Resort style mattresses. We do represent a large portion of the commercial grade hospitality mattress manufactures in the Nashville area. One of our top selling products is made right here in Middle Tennessee by Jamison Custom Bedding Co. Jamison made their mark over 50 years ago with the Marriott Hotel chain by making high quality bedding that their guests fell in love with. Since then the Jamison Custom Bedding manufacturer has opened up the commercial grade bedding line to select mattress stores and dealers nationwide to bring that Resort & Hotel luxurious comfort to your home. Fortunately Mattress Gallery Direct has an exclusive opportunity to offer these mattresses right now at some discounted prices. If you have been searching for a great place to buy a mattress on sale in Murfreesboro, Franklin, or Smyrna this would be a fantastic opportunity to save big today and get that Hotel, Resort, & Spa comfort you have been wanting. We also have Hotel & Resort offerings from Engalnder Resort Collection, Sealy, and Legendaire Mattress. See you soon.


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