Brisa Gel Memory Foam Pillow by Fashion Bed Group

The Brisa Gel Memory Foam Pillow is a welcomed addition to our pillow lineup here at Mattress Gallery Direct.

We have seen many memory foam pillows come and go over the years.  The number one complaint we always heard was the heat issue.  The Brisa Gel is the answer to all the pillows in the past that may have felt good but made you so hot you had to toss it out.  This pillow starts with a cutting edge non temperature sensitive memory foam that does not retain heat.  It is hypoallergenic, anti bacterial, mold resistant and dust mite proof.  Then the folks at Fashion Bed Group top the pillow off with a cooling gel material that stays cool all night long.  The gel also adds to the pressure relieving benefits of the memory foam. 

brisa gel pillowgel memory foam combo pillow

The Brisa is a year around pillow with seasonal options.  The gel is only on one side of the pillow which means you can have the neutral side for the winter and the cold side for the summer. 

Come by any of our convenient Mattress Gallery Direct locations try out this fantastic pillow today.


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